Annual Plans and Max 364 Plans

Annual Plans

Our Global and Mexico Annual Plans are perfect for you if you travel frequently or reside for an extended period away from home. These plans can save you as much as 80% over buying multiple single trip plans. These plans have no limit to the number of trips you take during your policy dates and are ideal for vacations, business trips and cruises and any time you may travel and want the insurance that will get you home in the event of an emergency. Availability may vary based on state of residence.

Max 364 Plans

Our Max 364 Plans are ideal if you travel for an extended trip over 180 days and up to 364 days. U.S. expatriates, snowbirds and full-time RVers will find these plans to be ideal for the kind of protection they seek for extensive travel away from home.

  • Travel MedEvac provides emergency medical evacuation to your home hospital of choice.  Don’t settle for benefits limited to the "nearest adequate facility" or endure a costly medical transport that could easily exceed $50,000 out of pocket. Be prepared when an emergency strikes and your medical condition warrants a medical evacuation.  Have the coverage that will return you to your doctors, your health care network and your family.
  • Travel MedEvac is not a membership plan, but rather true emergency medical evacuation insurance, fully underwritten by a top rated carrier.  We provide $500,000 in coverage per policy and are compliant with insurance regulations in all states, while many others are not.

Global PlansOur Global Plan will cover you when you are more than 150 miles from home for both domestic and international travel.

Mexico Only PlansIf you are only traveling to Mexico there is no need to pay for a Global Plan, our Mexico Only plan will cover you in Mexico and at a discounted rate.


Travelers over the age of 84 are not eligible for coverage.
For family plans, you may only include your legal dependents under the age of 26.