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If you are suffering from a serious illness or injury, call your local emergency services and seek immediate help first.


24/7 Emergency Air Medical Transport Services

If you are admitted to a hospital with a serious or critical injury or illness and seeking possible medical transport please call us at the following:


Outside the USA or Canada, Please Dial


Whether you are the insured or calling on behalf of the insured, please have the following information available:

  • Full Name of Insured Patient
  • Current Condition of Insured Patient
  • Name of the Hospital and Location
  • Hospital Phone Number(s)
  • Name of Physician(s)/Hospital Administrator
  • Policy Number or Plan ID

Our provider will then take further steps to secure additional medical information through doctors and hospital administrators to complete a comprehensive medical assessment that will help determine the needs of the patient and when appropriate arrange and provide such an evacuation.

Medical Evacuation transport services are managed by our preferred provider Air Ambulance Worldwide utilizing a highly accredited network of CAMTS and EURAMI air ambulance providers for your care. Due to the nature of the services, a reasonable period of time and diligence is required to properly initiate a medical evacuation transport. All arrangements made for medical evacuation services must be made and approved through Travel Medevac and its provider.

Travel MedEvac is not responsible for any charges or expenses incurred without our prior authorized written approval.