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Trip Cancelation Plans are administered by Trawick International with Assistance Service Provided by ON CALL INERNATIONAL.

If you purchased a Trip Cancellation Plan underwritten by Nationwide titled Safe Travels First Class Plan or Safe Travels Annual Plan , please use the following forms and assistance service contacts and numbers.

IMPORTANT: To facilitate prompt claims settlement please retain the following and submit with your claim form:

  • Gather information and documents related to the kind of claim you are filing, include a copy of your passport showing the identification page and entry/exit stamps.
  • Documents which may be needed for a medical claim are: detailed bills for medical services received, receipts for payments made for medical treatment, medical documentation, doctor and hospital reports.
  • Documents which may be needed for a trip cancellation or interruption claim are: receipts showing payment for the trip and proof the trip was cancelled.
  • Please review the claim form for other documents which may be required for your claim.

Use the links provided below to find a specific Claim Form to submit a new claim. Please keep copies of your of documents/receipts related to financial transactions when requesting reimbursement.

Complete the claim form and send to the address as listed on the form.

Use these forms for Trip Cancellation Plans (Safe Travels First Class Trip Protection or Safe Travels Annual Deluxe) Only:)

Medical Expenses

Trip Cancellation

Trip Interruption

Baggage Loss or Delay

Travel Delay or Missed Connection

Pet Medical Expense

Collision Damage Waiver

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

For Claim Status please contact 727-725-7522

Co-ordinated Benefit Plans, LLC On Behalf of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affiliated Companies
P.O. Box 26222
Tampa, FL 33623

If you need help finding or submitting the proper claim form, please contact a Trawick representative, the administrator for Trip Cancellation Plans, at 888-301-9289 for help.

Trip Cancellation Plan Travel Assistance

Provided by ON CALL INTERNATIONAL Travel Assistance Services

The Travel Assistance program feature provides a variety of travel related services. Services offered include: Pre-Trip Information Medical Monitoring Medical, Dental and Pharmacy Referrals Legal Referrals - Bail bond* Hospital Admission Guarantee Dispatch of Medicine Translation Service Lost Baggage Retrieval Inoculation Information Passport / Visa Information Emergency Message Forwarding Emergency Cash Advance* Prescription Drug / Eyeglass Replacement* * Payment reimbursement is Your responsibility


603-328-1361 (within the United States and Canada)

OR CALL COLLECT 855-464-8974 (From all other locations)


If you purchased a Travel MedEvac Medical Evacuation Plan or a Travel Medical Plan underwritten by Nationwide, please use the following procedures, forms and assistance service contacts and phone numbers. Note - If you are suffering from a serious illness or injury, call your local emergency services and seek immediate help first.

Travel Medical Coverage Reimbursement Claims for Travel Medical Plan Holders

If you purchased the Travel Medical Coverage option for your plan and have been provided medical services, please download the claim form and submit for reimbursement of eligible benefits: Click Here for Claim Form.

If you purchased the Travel Medical Coverage option for your plan and have expenses related to the delay of your trip for covered hazards, please download this claim form and submit for reimbursement of eligible benefits: Click Here for Trip Delay Claim Form.

Please Note: All claims must be filed within the time period specified in your plan. The insurance provided shall be in excess of all other valid and collectible insurance of indemnity, see your plan terms for details.

You may mail your claim form/documentation to:

Co-ordinated Benefit Plans, LLC

On Behalf of Travel MedEvac

P.O. Box 26222

Tampa, FL 33623

Or E-mail your information to:

Phone: 866-223-4772 (Direct Dial 727-450-8796)

IMPORTANT: To facilitate prompt claims settlement please be sure to include the following when submitting your claim form:

  • Detailed medical statements and medical records from treating physicians
  • Copies of invoices with receipts, or applicable credit card/bank statements, for proof of payment of medical services performed and medical supplies provided
  • Please Note: A copy of the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for any other health insurance you have may be required, in order to coordinate benefits among insurers
  • Co-ordinated Benefits Plans may follow-up with you and/or the treating physician(s)/hospital, with questions and requests for additional information as appropriate.
  • Medical Evacuation Claims for Travel MedEvac Plan Holders

    (Trip Cancellation Plan Holders please see details above for Assistance Services and Medical Evacuation provided by Global Rescue)

    If you are currently hospitalized and seek a possible medically warranted emergency medical evacuation or any other assistance services provided under your specific plan, please call:
    1-888-963-4933 Ext. 2
    Outside the USA or Canada, Please Dial
    1-602-344-9225 Ext. 2