Medical evacuation transportation is subject to limitations on the operation of aircraft imposed by mechanical issues, weather, regulations and restrictions imposed by the United States Federal Aviation Administration or comparable aviation administration authority of any other jurisdiction in which a medical facility or plan holder may be located, and other conditions beyond the control of Travel MedEvac or the Primary Medical Evacuation Provider. Both the sending and receiving medical facility must be reasonably accessible by ground ambulance to transport the plan holder to and from an airfield capable of accommodating medical aircraft transportation assigned by us.

Travel MedEvac’s Primary Medical Evacuation Provider will manage the logistics of all medical transports. Your plan does not reimburse or otherwise allow for transportation arranged by the plan holder or provided through any other means (e.g., helicopter). Since your plan requires you to arrange any medical transports or services through us, plan holders will not be reimbursed for any expenses they incur on their own including but not limited to hospital bills.

Due to limited medical and laboratory facilities on cruise ships, if a plan holder becomes ill or injured on a cruise ship, in all cases we will require a plan holder to be admitted to a medical Facility on-shore for a thorough medical assessment before scheduling a Medical evacuation transportation to another medical facility.

U.S. registered aircraft and personnel cannot be sent into countries where the U.S. State Department has issued travel restrictions, or to areas where civil aviation has been suspended or restricted, such as the result of a natural disaster, civil unrest, outbreak of illness or disease, etc.. Your plan is subject to suspension in these areas, as well as for any medical evacuation transportation that would be in violation of any Federal Aviation Administration rules or regulations or Presidential orders restricting air travel.

Global Medical
Evacuation Insurance

Transport to Your Home Hospital
When the Unexpected Happens

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Real Insurance – Regulated and Underwritten by a Highly Rated Insurer. Learn Why Insurance Is Better Than a Membership or Assistance Plan

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Health Insurance, General Travel Insurance, Premium Credit Cards, Membership Programs… are you truly covered for a return to your home hospital of choice? Most others specialize in travel health insurance or trip insurance and may include some ‘Medical Evacuation’ coverage. We specialize in providing true Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance and the coverages you really need when traveling away from home and are hospitalized due to an emergency.

  • $500,000 policy limit
  • International and domestic* coverage (*US Residents)
  • Transport to hospital of choice* – NOT just closest suitable
  • Traveling companion/family member transport
  • Vehicle/RV return
  • Fully equipped medical jets
  • Highly accredited global network of Air Ambulance Providers

*See Terms

True Insurance…True Peace of Mind.

Travel MedEvac insurance offers true, financially secure, AM Best Rated Medical Evacuation insurance specifically to fly you home to your hospital of choice in the event of a medical emergency. See Terms.

Travel MedEvac Insurance Other Travel Insurance Membership/Assistance Products Platinum Card
Regulated Insurance Entity to Protect the Consumer
Each Policy Fully Underwritten with $500,000 in Coverage – No Deductible
(typically limited to $50k or less)
Home Hospital of Choice*
(Not limited to “nearest adequate” facility)
Global Coverage Varies Varies Varies

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under 30 days



Perfect for those traveling multiple trips within 6 months (180 days and in Mexico only)



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