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Preferred Provider Air Ambulance Worldwide

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Travel MedEvac's Preferred Partner

When it comes to providing an air ambulance transport, having an insurance plan is only part of the equation. The true key is having a highly accredited provider with the experienced professionals in place to manage all the logistics an air medical transport demands. The care and safety of our customers is our number one priority. Travel MedEvac utilizes Air Ambulance Worldwide as our preferred provider to manage all the logistics for all of our insured’s air medical transport needs through an extensive network of highly accredited air ambulance companies to ensure a quick response and exceptional care.

Why select a preferred provider? Our customer’s health and safety come first. Others will bid your health out to multiple air carriers to find the "lowest price", which will not only compromise your level of care, but also your safety and valuable time which are all too important during a critical health situation.

While other plans may search to see who can do it for less, our provider will already be working with the hospitals, doctors, ground ambulance company, airports and foreign governments to arrange transport home.

Air Ambulance Worldwide standards of safety and care are exceptional. Their dedication and level of service has earned them EURAMI accreditation, the highest accreditation attainable for international air ambulance providers. They also ensure our member's air medical transport is readily available whenever a medical crisis occurs. Air Ambulance Worldwide owns and leases several aircraft, and has several strategic agreements with a network of additional highly accredited EURAMI and CAMTS air ambulance providers. Collectively nearly sixty (60) medically configured aircraft are part of the Air Ambulance Worldwide network serving Travel Medevac’s coverage area alone. This extensive network of aircraft guarantees our clients their medical transport will be done promptly by a highly accredited air ambulance provider each and every time, no exceptions.

Your health and safety should never be compromised. Having one of the best in the industry managing you or your family's care is true peace of mind.

Air Ambulance Worldwide Service
  • An impeccable safety record and 24/7 service, 365 days a year to respond quickly to the needs of our customers.
  • Pilots have 1,000's of hours flying time domestically and internationally.
  • Air Ambulance Worldwide owns a fleet of state-of-the-art medically configured aircraft.
  • If your condition requires a doctor during transport, this would also be provided at no extra charge.
  • Top-notch flight crews and medical teams far exceed the industry norm where no medical team member has less than 5 years of ICU/CCU experience.
  • Air Ambulance Worldwide is a highly accredited and experienced air medical transport company.
  • Each air ambulance transport will always include two licensed pilots, plus at least one critical care nurse and one flight medic.
  • Air Ambulance Worldwide also maintain leases with a network of other medically configured aircraft that meet the high performance and safety criteria of Air Ambulance Worldwide. This ensures your transport will not be delayed due to lack of aircraft availability.
Air Ambulance Worldwide Key Accreditation and Associations